Monday, August 29, 2011

7 things to recycle into art & craft projects

We all know I'm currently living in Grenada, but did you know that Grenada has NO form of recycling other than re-using glass beer bottles?  Sad but true.
I cringe every single time I throw something away.

I decided to compile a list of some easy, cheap, recyclable projects you can do with the stuff sitting in your trash can [in Grenada] right this very minute.

1. Paper - magazines, newspaper, medical school notes, etc
    2.  Cardboard - cereal boxes, shoe boxes, packaging
    3. Glass - pop bottles & jars
    4. Tin Cans 
    5. Plastic
    6. Wood
    7. Fabric

    Anyone have a good idea of how to reuse styrofoam for art or crafting?? Or do you have a another great recycling project to add to my list?

        Source: via Sandie on Pinterest


        Amanda said...

        If only I was creative or crafty enough...

        bird and tree said...

        How nice of you to make this list!!!! I love diys and love finding new things to add to my list!!! Stopping by from FTLOB!!!! Nice to find you!

        Amanda C. said...

        Those are great ideas to recycle. Do you know that they actually sell a paper bead craft kit for kids. I got one for my sister one Christmas. Had I been wiser I wouldn't have gotten her something she could do for free. ha ha

        Stela said...

        awesome list!! That's a bummer your town doesn't have a way to recycle certain goods. Ours recycle everything but glass!

        lauryn said...

        ok this is awesome. thank you so much for sharing! i am a new follower, and i am pinning this post!
        {love} lauryn @

        Domestic Goddesque said...

        This is a wonderful list!

        I'm pretty sure I found a blog that baked styrofoam cups to make teeny tiny hats. I tried and had an epic fail.....could you make windsocks?

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