Born and raised in Ohio.
But I'd like to say I grew up in Grenada.

Blissfully married to my college sweetheart for 3 years.

Living in Grenada while said husband attends medical school.
I've kept a blog about our adventures in Grenada for the past year.
That's where you'll really get to know me

No job (visa issues) so I spend my days volunteering.  Two orphanages and I run an after school program 3 days a week.  Keeps me busy and I love these kids so much!!
Volunteer Coordinator for SOO of SGU and volunteer with REACH Grenada's Stuff Your Rucksack.

aspiring professional-something, diy junkie, foodie, fashionista, and decor loving blogger!  :)
and lover of all things beautiful and fun.


Sar said...

You're beautiful, Kelsey! And what I read about you, it's on the inside too. Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

Kelsey,loved your blog and found it to be very inspirational. I would like to email you about something if you could email me at sarah.d@designshuffle.com that would be awesome! Ok have a blessed day :)

Name said...

Hi Kelsey! It looks like we have similar interests and even the same name, but spelled differently :) I really enjoyed looking at your blog today! Keep up the great ideas. Sincerely, Kelse

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