Monday, September 12, 2011

Twig Stars

I saw this image on pinterest the other day and knew they'd be super easy to make.

I didn't have much going on yesterday evening so I went for a walk down my street looking for sticks to make stars out of.  a normal thing to do right??

You need 5 sticks of the same length per star.
I laid them out and decided which order I liked them in best, then hot glued them in place with just a dab of glue on the ends.
I wrapped twine around the ends of some of them, but a couple of the stars I liked the way they looked just as they were.  I think the inspiration image might have had too much string and twine for my tastes.




These will be great Christmas or patriotic holiday decorations and were practically free to make and only took about 5 minutes!!

AND on my walk I discovered this old sign!  It had more words but I just broke off the Grenada portion.
I don't know what to do with it yet, but I love it!



Anonymous said...

LOVE. Tess

Anonymous said...

I mean I LOVE it. haha Very cute.

Laura said...

Love that sign and your stars :)

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

What neat stars! It would be fun to make these with kids!

Lauren said...

You're so creative!!! Love the stars! :)

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Love the stars! I used to make these years ago and I think it's time I did them again. They have such primitive vintage style. Good find on the sign!

Lisa said...


Kimberly T. said...

I love these! They would be perfect in my kitchen. I'm going to start hoarding all those sticks my kids always seem to find. :)

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

lovin these stars!! going to be making loads around christmas, maybe add a bit of glitter too

i would love it if you would share this on my link party , Serenity Saturday over at


SmalltownOntario said...

Simple beauty.

my best friend jules said...

Ooh what a fun idea! I need to get crafty too - it's been ages since my last little project and I really miss it! That sign is fantastic too. You definitely need to take it home with you when you leave Grenada.
xxx mervi

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

Thanx for linking up to Serenity Saturday!

i liked your post so much that i have featured it on this weeks link party!!
Hope to see you there again soon xxx

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