Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I Wear Wednesday

Every few days I muster up the ambition to get dressed decently.  A lot of the time my main activity involves playing outside with little kids, going swimming, or doing housework.  Not exactly a fashion show.
I do have friends that I go places with occasionally and once a week I lead a small group Bible study in a super air conditioned room.  Yay for wearing jeans!

these shorts are Miley Cyrus and I'm not ashamed to admit it.


This butterfly comb and key necklace are some of my favorites and I got them at the Dollar Tree! And they have lasted about 5 years!
Take that Tiffany's.
*if my husband is reading this and wins the lottery I would however still love a Tiffany's key necklace.....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Decorating J-O-B

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to help a couple who are professors at my husband's school decorate their home!
They heard I studied interior decorating and asked me to come over and give them a few tips and I was more than willing to help.

The couple recently decided to move to Grenada long-term and shipped some of their most precious belongings to remind them of their time spent in Africa, but were clueless as to how to use them.

They faced similar issues as me with living in a rental home made of concrete.  Drilling holes and painting weren't an option and on top of that the home came pre-furnished and buying anything new was out of the question.

I went over to their house for about an hour, asked a few questions, snapped a few pictures, and came home to prepare an action plan.

I knew the wife loved their African tribal print fabrics, the husband really liked colorful, modern designs over the natural African look, and they were in serious need of some storage (without buying anything new).
Also, the main room of the house serves as living room, dining room, kitchen, office, and guest room... all in one large rectangular space. 

I drew up some floor plans, created a few 3-D images of what I wanted their room to look like, and gathered some inspiration images.
They were so easily impressed by my ideas it was amazing!  If I do go into this as a career someday remind me to work with the over 50 crowd ;)

Ok so enough chatter, here are the pictures!

00 Floor Plan
the layout of the room. 
The only change I made was to move the office area and to create a new reading/guest sleeping area.

00 floorplan 3D

This 3-D rendering was created using to give the client a visual of the reading area because they were having trouble picturing it.
It didn't turn out exactly like this, but they got the idea.

This is what we started with.
As I said they had a lot of fabrics from African that they wanted to use.  Since a framer is out of the question, I taped the fabric to pieces of cardboard.  Taping it prevents the fabric from being damaged and the cardboard allows it to be hung on the wall easily.



Another little trick I came up with was to use a pashmina scarf to create a pillow case.  The home came with a pair of green plaid pillows that did not match anything, but the client had several scarves and wraps.  I wrapped the pillow in the scarf and tied it decoratively.


I didn't end up using this pillow (way too many prints going on) but I really like how it turned out and I think I'll be using this trick in the future!

Ok and here are the before and afters!


I moved the office area across the room and used this corner, which was a much larger space, as a reading area and to serve as a sleeping area for guests.  It is a 1 bedroom apartment and before they just had a twin sized bed behind their sofa in the living room.  This gives the bed and space purpose and provided lots of wall space to use some of their tribal print fabrics.
The zebra, giraffe, and other piece are all 3 fabrics wrapped around cardboard as well.
The larger prints were too large and heavy to wrap on cardboard and so it is just draped behind the bed.
I went outside and cut some bamboo shoots to put in the vase as a final touch.  I didn't have time to arrange the bookcase, which will forever irk me.  One of my favorite things to do is arrange books and shelves, but we were on a limited time frame - only a few hours!

The other side of the room, the new office area created in the corner.


Didn't get a great picture and we had to literally pick up the desk as is and move it.  The man had to work!
But I was able to hang a few bright, modern photography prints in his area to make him happy about all the African tribal work going on :)

I went out on their porch and brought in some of their sea-finds - shells, rocks, and driftwood to add some decoration to their entertainment center.  I also grouped a few of their family photos in a more prominent location so they can enjoy their family from the Caribbean. 

Another issue to address was the storage dilemma.  They are a very active couple with loads of equipment - tennis rackets, kayak oars, snorkeling stuff, life jackets, coolers, beach chairs, etc.  But they had no where to put it.  I snuck a few things in behind the entertainment center and under the daybed, but there was still more!  I decided to put up a fold up table they had and covered it with a cloth and hid lots of junk underneath ;)  The last remaining cloth was quite busy, so many animals!  So I found a hammock that they had and never used and draped it over to sort of tone down the print and add a little whimsy to the table.
That vase is just waiting for some  flowers or branches to be put it in too.



This has been a Grenada Re-Style.
Total cost? $0

What do you think?

Oh wait!  the best part!



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Color Duo: Orange and Green

Keeping with the pumpkin theme I decided to chose orange and green this week for a color combo.
Before browsing the internet for images I didn't think I'd find anything that great, I mean orange and green?
I was pleasantly surprised to find a few. I think the secret to making this color combo work is to use it in small doses.  As much as we all love Halloween, you don't want to live in a pumpkin... right?

Source: None via Kimberly on Pinterest


Friday, September 23, 2011

Pretty Pumpkins

I love pumpkins.
I love to pick them, carve them, display them, and eat them.
I even like to call my husband and/or little kids pumpkin every once in a while... (my family will get this)

But {there is always a but with me huh?} no pumpkins in Grenada.  They do have them, but they are green... and they don't sell them whole.  They sell chunks to cook with.  And it isn't cheap... and I am.

These images will tide me over until next fall when I can decorate my own.
Happy Fall!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Books, Birds, and Globes: Guest Edition

Susi, a writer from Design Shuffle is here today guest posting about a few of my favorite things... books, birds, and globes.  I cannot get enough of these 3!  I'm excited about the fabulous images she has scoured the internet to find, they are definitely getting pinned, pronto!

Hi, I’m Susi, a writer at Design Shuffle, a fabulous community for interior designers and other design professionals, home owners and design lovers to share projects, find inspiration and network. I'm so lucky to visit blogs from around the world, including Kelsey Inspired that are sharing great design projects, decorating ideas and inspirations. I love Kelsey's Books, Birds and Globes posts so am excited to share mine. I hope you enjoy these. Thanks for letting me and Design Shuffle visit you this week.

Interior Decor
Whatever via

Books and globes both can add color to a shelf, table or desk. Arrange your books in swaths of color or chose books that play off the color of the globes for a big impact.

Interior Decor
Better Homes and Gardens via

These books have been selected and organized to coordinate with the globes above. The cohesive palette creates an organized and well designed look for this bookcase. Love that bird in the background.

Interior Decor
Pinterest via

Globes and suitcases make for a stylish pairing that hints at world travel. Perfect pair for someone who travels a lot or has a lot of places on their bucket list.

Interior Decor
Love All Things Bright and Beautiful via

Sparrows on the ceiling are so charming for a child's bedroom. And look, globes on the shelf too! Also these could be used as interesting little decorating ideas for living rooms.

Interior Decor
Cottage and Creek via

A pair of small birds paired with a stack of books creates a charming vignette. The jar of birds' eggs adds color and pattern to this simple grouping. Which came first? The eggs or the birds?

Interior Decor
Pinterest via

There are some very charming prints on Etsy that have vintage images printed on old book pages, combining two great decorative elements into one. Look for single birds, steampunk birds or flocks of charming birds.

. Interior Decor
Blue Cricket Design via

Here is a another charming combination of books and birds as art. Love the simple bird silhouettes against the busy collage of book pages. Great wall art.

Interior Decor
Design Dazzle via

This birdhouse made from books is so whimsical and adorable. So are the handmade birds that inhabit it. Love the idea of interior design and architecture for the birds. Would be cute for a home office, kid's room or reading nook.
For more great interior design inspirations, shuffle on over to Design Shuffle! A place where you can connect with interior designers/enthusiasts across the country - from Los Angeles interior designers to New York interior designers!

Thank you Susi, please come back anytime!
Does anyone else have some amazing book, bird, and globe inspiration to share?

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