Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Cotton Anniversary

Yesterday my precious husband and I celebrated 2 years of marriage, and today we're already working on year 3!
Since we're on a super tight budget holidays and celebrations are quite creative around our household and I am so blessed to have a husband who actually put thought and time into what he wanted to do for me... even if it didn't turn out quite right.

He attempted to make me cotton candy.
at home. in Grenada.
that sweet wonderful man.

I love cotton candy probably much more than the average girl... and since it was the "cotton" anniversary it was perfect! 
except Grenada is the most humid place on earth. kinda like living in a sauna.

He was so excited to do a DIY project with me & we had a blast covering our entire kitchen in sugar :)
preparing the solution... I was still clueless as to what he was making.
see it's working!!
but once we started rolling it it turned sticky :/

still delicious though! so we ate it like suckers! 

the little sugar droplets on the floor....
So what if the cotton candy didn't turn out exactly right? we still had a ton of fun... and got some cotton candy flavored hard candy out of it :)

I love that he wanted to do something a bit crazy and diy for me & I did something practical & useful for him, so like us!

I sewed him a new pillowcase because just last week his tore... and I mean, tore beyond repair.  He's a rowdy sleeper.

My friend Cat was a genius and brought a little sewing machine down to Grenada and let me try it out!
I found this green fabric in town for $6.95EC a yard (about $3US) and 1 yard was plenty to make a pillow case!

The pillow case is nothing spectacular... a rectangle.
But I did dress it up by using teal thread and sorta monogramming his name on it!
I remembered to take a picture after he had already slept on it! ha!
Lee ♥ done with the sewing machine. lol. would have been better off hand stitching it.
but o well! life is an adventure.
Here are a few wedding pictures I picnik'd this week. 

Happy Anniversary my Lee!! I love you more than words can describe.


Amanda said...

What a sweetie, making cotton candy, that was really neat to try to do that for you. Happy Anniversary!

Emily @ mirrors metaphors and kaleidoscopes said...

I love this! What a nice memory! Happy Anniversary!

Amanda said...

Adorable post.. yet again. Happy 2 years!

Marisa said...

Happy Anniversary. Cotton candy - very clever, and a pillowcase - very useful!

Amanda C. said...

That home made cotton candy was a great idea. Looks like it got kinda messy.ha ha Happy anniversary.

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