Thursday, September 8, 2011

Nautical Knots

admit that title made you want to sing the Spongebob theme song please.

I have a mason jar full of sea glass I've been collecting and while it is beautiful all on it's own.... I'm not a minimalist, more is more! So I added my favorite go-to-Grenada crafting supply - jute twine!

Cut a very long piece of jute, more than twice the length of the mason jar.
Tie it around the rim of the jar and allowing the strands to hang down about twice as long as the jar.
Cut 5 additional pieces of jute and tie in evenly spaced out knots to the original piece of jute around the rim allowing the strands to hang down.

Gather a strand of jute from each adjoining knot and tie together creating a triangle or diamond shape.

Continue tying knots until the entire jar is covered and secure the remaining twine on the bottom of the jar with hot glue.

If I don't get out of Grenada soon my entire house and jewelry collection is going to be covered in jute twine!!!


Maya @ Completely Coastal said...

This is so timely! I'm putting a post together about all the fishnet inspired bottles, vases and jars..., and definitely include yours -love it!

Amanda C. said...

That is so cute. I just posted about crafts with twine. I love them.

Cat Alford said...

That came out cute I like it!

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

This turned out so cute! You did a really great job!

dewtera said...

a great idea, I must try

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