Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I {heart} lions

When I was in the 5th grade I became an aunt for the first time.
My mom bought my niece the most adorable stuffed lion you can possibly imagine at a thrift store.... and I wanted it.
I've never been one to really like stuffed animals, but this one is different... and Mom gave in and let me keep him.  He even made the trip to college with me... but sadly I had to leave him behind when I made the trek to Grenada.
The other night I called my mom to ask her to check what brand he is so I could google him & guess what?!
He was made in 1987 - the year I was born! It was meant to be!

tell the truth... have you ever seen anything cuter?

I decided that whenever I have a child someday their nursery will be designed after my lion.  I love the mix of vintage patterns & gender neutrality of a sweet little yellow lion.

Want more adorable lions?

who said they had to be yellow?

I am now finding myself posting this with hesitation... please don't let lions blow up like the owls did!


Cat said...

I love the lion idea and I love the vintage fabrics!

Amanda C. said...

I dig lions. It was my sorority mascot. :-)

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