Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dr. Seuss Lorax Tree Art

This week we had Monday and Tuesday off from school.
Monday for a snow day and Tuesday for election day here in Ohio.
My nieces and I spent Monday evening working on some art work that I was inspired by pinterest to try. 
We also paintined Dr. Seuss Lorax trees because the girls recently watched the movie, and who doesn't love Dr. Seuss inspired crazy trees :)

We used paper grocery sacks from Kroger, a mountain dew bottle, paint, and an old pickle jar lid to put the paint in.

Use the bottom of the pop bottle as a stamp


the lid works as a stamp too!


winter, spring, and summer




Once we filled all the paper bags we held an art auction in the kitchen and sold the paintings to my parents (their grandparents) for .25-1.00.  My nieces' idea... they are little entrepreneurs!  


Amanda C. said...

Those are too cute. What a fun project.

Linda said...

Isn't this perfect for the kids. I love anything with brown bags anyway. Cool stuff here. Going to peek around for a while and follow also. Best wishes, Linda

Jen @ Creating with the J's said...

LOVE IT! They turned out great. Like your stamps too!

Mama Jodi said...

These are so simple and cute. I love them.

Emily said...

Wow! So cute and creative :)

Natasha Mairs said...

thanks for sharing on Serenity Saturday
Hope to see you there again tomorrow

Natasha xxx

akon said...

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