Tuesday, August 16, 2011

She's here!

My online blogging buddy Cat is finally here in real life person!
Many of you may be Budget Blonde readers already, remember when I guest posted over there?
Cat's husband is in the MPH/MD program at the same school as my husband and I sorta met Cat online,  baked her husband a cake, soon became friends, and this week finally met each other face to face!
In case anyone is wondering... she is every bit the lovely southern lady she portrays on her blog :)

I wanted to do something nice for her upon her arrival in Grenada, so I baked her a loaf of banana bread.... but when I was pulling it out of the oven I sorta dropped it & the bread fell out of the pan! I was scrambling to get it, burnt my arm, and the bread fell apart. and there were no more bananas. fail.

So I decided I'd make something for her apartment... but I couldn't think of anything until I remembered a post she did about a painting she liked of a ballerina.
I got out my sketch pad, charcoal, and chalks (no paint or canvas) and went to work.... I was happy with how it turned out until I got back on my computer & realized that I need to scroll down, the whole image wasn't showing on the screen.... I didn't give the ballerina feet.  isn't that the most important part? fail.

poor footless ballerina.
Helpful tip - if you make a drawing out of chalk or charcoal you can spray it with aerosol hairspray afterwards and it doesn't smudge!  Good thing a friend had some I could borrow!
we all know I don't fix my hair in Grenada :)


Cat said...

Awwww this is the sweetest post ever!!!! I must link to it tomorrow!!! And I LOVE MY ARTWORK! x 10000 - one of the most favorite things I've ever gotten. :)))

Amber said...

Kelsey you always have the best drawings! I'm sorry you burnt yourself.:( STUPID OVEN!

Laura Conley said...

haha. I am very happy that my hairspray got some kind of good use while I am in Grenada! :)

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