Thursday, May 24, 2012

Best Friend Birthday Gifts

My best friends are twins.
Yes both of them are equally my best friends and yes they are different people.

Their birthday was yesterday and they are the girls who have everything so it was a little difficult to think of something for them.  They are the sweetest girls, always thinking of others, and are so generous and always think of something sweet for my birthday.  This year they sent me flowers to work!

Thankfully we live in an age of Pinterest and you can find out exactly what kind of things people like! 

My friend Kristen pinned a prayer journal and a few verses and quotes that she liked so I compiled them into a book for her.  I knew a prayer journal would be perfect for her because they recently lost their father and she is getting married this weekend and has a lot going on in life, so a place to write out her prayers will be so nice.  And she can look back and see all the things that God has answered and worked out.

It's just a re-decorated a composition book!

 And for my other twinling I made her a bird's nest necklace with three little eggs because she has two boys and is pregnant with a little girl!!
My sister made one for my mom for mother's day and she of course got the idea from pinterest! 
What did we do without it?!

It is fairly simple and cheap to make.
I simple put three beads on wire and wrapped it until I thought it looked like a nest, then added a chain!
Check out pinterest if you want a 'real' tutorial.
Or let me know and I'll have my sister make you one ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012


I haven't blogged since March.  What?!


Well...... the same old excuses.

But we've found an apartment and my husband has already moved in and I join him in about 2 weeks!
Then the decorating marathon begins!
And then I'll have my own internet again.... the parents don't have wireless capabilities (for real)

If you want to read a little about our apartment you can on my personal blog

I'm actually on pinterest for the first time in months. whoa!
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