Friday, August 5, 2011

Biggest Decorating Mistakes according to House Beautiful

I, along with probably millions of others, saw this headline on MSN yesterday.
MSN is my homepage.  Why?  It always was back when I used hotmail email... but it has remained because shamefully some days that it my only source of "news"
I like getting the headlines when I first get online.  My husband has tried to get me to switch to google's homepage (you can customize it blah blah blah) but I have remained faithful to MSN.
And yesterday I got decorating tips! awesome

I don't particularly agree with this list... I do agree that they are mistakes, but the biggest? nah?

1.  Overzealous decorative painting.
I remember in high school/early in college wanting to paint EVERYTHING I could get my hands on.  Anything wood in my room was painted... and not like solid colors...  flowers and stripes and polka dots. and. I'll admit it. pastels. yea...
I like painted furniture, in moderation, mostly because all my furniture is OLD (not vintagey cool old either) or thrift store bought. therefore.. it needs a nice paint job. 

2. Overhead lighting.
 yes.  I agree, unless it is on a dimmer or a super cool light fixture, in which case it is usually accompanied by a lamp or something, balancing out the lighting.

3. Candles Clustered Together.

 hmm biggest decorating mistake? nol. there is far worse... and who cares about the candles??

4. Furniture Pushed Up Against the Walls.
yes!  they got this one right! 

5. Out-of-Proportion Lamps.
another hm in my book.  I think scale is very important... but unless this is a showroom or the white house... give people a break on their lamps.

Karate-Chopped Pillows.
meaning - way over though pillow arrangement and you hit it on the top making a dent in the middle.  unnecessary and one of the least of my concerns in home decorating.

A Single Light Source.

couldn't this have been covered in the over head lighting category? 

So there you have it.  A decorating mistake list from House Beautiful via MSN.
Do you agree with this list?  Are most of these things even on your radar of concern? 

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