Saturday, May 14, 2011

Decorating with paper #2

I've already written this post once before. and then  blogger decided to stop working for an entire 24 hours. 
Did that happen to yours??

I love magazines more than your average girl. At my parents house I have magazines that span 4 decades.  I can't get rid of them.  I am obsessed.
Lately I have found the courage to chop up a few... granted they are Grenada travel magazine, but still.

Here is one version of a magazine basket.

Step 1.
Cut magazine pages into about 2 inch strips. (I chose pages that were mostly white to make a white basket, but you can use any pages)  Fold in half and open back up.  Fold each side into the middle and then refold in half so you will have 4 layers instead of only two.  This makes the strips stronger. Secure with glue (I used a glue stick)

Step 2. 
Start with one strip and roll into a spiral, securing with glue.  Continue overlapping the strips until you have a circle the size you want the base of your bowl to be. (you could also end with this step and have coasters!)

Step 3.
Your next strip will start slightly above the others to begin building the sides of the bowl. Continue overlapping the strips while moving slightly upwards to build the sides of the bowl.  End when you feel like it is tall enough!

Step 4. 
This isn't necessary but I added a little bow and handle for decoration :)

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shaeeza said...

I love your basket, oh the ideas!!

shaeeza said...

love the idea..great project..

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