Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello latest followers!

I'd like to introduce you all to some of my latest followers and what they've been up to!

Question - how do you contact a person if they don't have a blog or email listed on their profile? :/
I guess you just say HEY! Thanks for following! and hope they read it...

but seriously!  Thank you for all the sweet comments & making me feel like less of a crazy person for all my antics.

Want to see some other people's antics?
duh. why do we blog & read blogs? to get all into people's business.

First up - Tales of a Trophy Wife.  They just went on a family road trip and she shared this awesome map her kids colored and some other fun road trip tips. 

Amanda at Interpreted by Me is doing doing a rain dance, giving her dog a bath, and eating pizza soup.  My kind of girl!

Tasha over at Frugalicious Me is always doing cute, fun stuff. This week there are giveaways, link up parties, and she made these adorable little paper luminaries!  Check out the tutorial.

Kay at The Van Gogh Cafe just got married and shared a little preview of her wedding photos and I'm only slightly jealous that she got to have her reception in a white tent. or green with envy. 

Emily at Mirrors, Metaphors, and Kaleidoscopes is not only taking me on a trip down memory lane with the DC Talk post, but also giving me some great crafting ideas like this scarf she made out of an old pair of pants!

Rose and Heather are two friends that keep up at Sew Stylish Boutique with tons of DIY ideas. They also have a link party on Tuesdays!

Sidney, my newest follower, at together4everandalways is detailing the events of her wedding.  I love her use of color and feathers in her wedding decor!

Don't I have some pretty amazing, creative blogging friends? :)


Amanda C. said...

Thanks for mentioning me Kelsey. What an awesome idea to keep your followers connected. My rain dance just might have worked too, it's looking pretty cloudy today.

Kay said...

You're such a doll. Thanks for the shout out! And for making me feel like less of a blog creeper. =) (Isn't that always the danger?)

But seriously, if we want to talk green with envy, I may or may not have asked the new husband if he wants to switch from math to medicine and go to school in Grenada.

Could have happened. ;)

Jessie said...

I only wish I could be this creative. I'm hoping all my free time down here will help cultivate that gift!! :)

Emily @ mirrors metaphors and kaleidoscopes said...

Thanks so much for the shout out!! I was just stopping by to tell you I nominated you for a versatile blogger award (in my latest post)when I saw this post of yours! What a great idea and thanks for the great blogging!


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