Wednesday, August 31, 2011

fresh off the press

I'm so excited about Lee & I's new pictures I couldn't wait to post them!
I'm a very lucky girl in the fact that I have had a ton of photographer friends in my life in Grenada... most of whom have been new at it and have asked to practice on me.  
I am not one one to turn down pictures!  Especially pictures of Lee and I!
It just so happens that the timing has worked out perfectly that we were able to do a photo shoot last year for our 1 year anniversary{here} and then again this year for our 2 year anniversary!

I got a lot of my inspiration  for the pictures from pinterest and was able to use the jute ampersand I made a couple weeks ago!
Thank you so much to my friend Allie for these pictures.  She's just starting, but I think she did a fabulous job!  She's working on a website soon and I'll be sure to share!

and a really big thanks to my Lee.
isn't he a good sport??
he indulges me when he can because med school is so life controlling... but I know he loves me.


Amanda C. said...

Those pics are great. I love the ampersand pics. You are lucky to have such talented friends.

Tres Chere said...

Those pictures are awesome! I love the black and white with the ampersand between you. How clever! Love it!

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