Tuesday, May 24, 2011

bottle vignette

vignette - a small decorative display

this project was: recycling, cheap, and fun.
3 of my favorite things.

I have an awkward space above a row of cabinets that divides my kitchen and living room (if you call 5ft x9ft a kitchen)
I am always trying to switch it up and make it look interesting.
The space usually holds my conch shells and sea fans, but I am attempting to smuggle them back to American with me this week, so they are wrapped nicely and packed away. and the space was left empty.

I had a bunch of glass pop bottles I had been saving (Grenada doesn't recycle and it nearly kills me to throw away a glass bottle.......... )

So I decided to try something out with them and this is what I ended up with!




all you need is glass bottles, water, and food coloring! :)

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Cute idea. Love the colors.

Anonymous said...

Thats really neat!

Craftberry Bush said...

So cool...!
have a great weekend...xo

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