Thursday, August 11, 2011

Back to the future

Have you seen those images floating around of re-created retro pictures?
like this
via here
Haha, amazing right?!
My plan for this Christmas is to have this image of my mom re-created for my Dad as a gift!!
He will LOVE it!
and I can say this here because I'm sure the man has never, ever been on this blog.
First off, how more adorable can a person be? 
Second, she is FOURTEEN here!!!! 14!  Doesn't she look like a grown woman??
Third, this was taken in 1966.
Fourth, my mother still looks exactly the same. exactly.  and she is almost 60.
Don't believe me?

Dear God, please, please, please have let me have inherited these genes!

Here is another photo taken the same day of my parents!  They were 14 & 16 years old. 
Can't you just see them in Grease?!
Dad is 100% a greaser, a T Bird & my Mom is totally a pink lady :)

So does anyone know where I can find a tee shirt like she is wearing??
Looks like something Forever21would sell now, eh?
If I can't find one I guess I can just draw this image out on a plain tee... and finding those glasses should be a snap.

Have you ever done anything like this?  Do you have a picture you'd love to do this with?
& honestly..... are you parents nearly as cool as mine? ;)

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Amanda C. said...

I love those pics. I see a lot on facebook done face in a hole style. Your mom was too cute!

Amanda said...

Awesome idea! Such a lovely, thoughtful present!

Tasha Anderson said...

Thank-you for sharing your photos last week at Pinkalicious Thursday! I have seen this ap and it is so funny! Hope to see you again this Thursday.

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