Saturday, March 19, 2011

decorating with paper #1

I love paper.
I may need to come up with a new word because I "love" way way way too many things it seems. what I really love is -Jesus, my husband, my family, my friends, and this beautiful earth we are so blessed to enjoy and explore.

now that my priorities are in line.... I do really fancy paper.
mostly printed paper.
magazines, books, newspaper... 
the possibilities are endless!

here is one way to get creative with paper.
paper roses.
they are so beautiful and so easy!
here's how:
cut a sheet of paper (I used magazine) in a spiral. as long as you want.
if you want you can draw a spiral out on the paper before cutting, but it's not necessary. 
I'm an on the fly kinda girl, I do things my way and not very instructional.
don't worry about making it perfectly straight or even, it will add character to the rose.

then start rolling up the paper keeping the bottom tight and allowing the top to kind of fan out. 
add a dab of glue (I used a glue stick) as you go to keep if from unraveling

once it's all rolled up it should look like a rose!  be careful not too roll it too tight, keep it organic and whimsical :)

I want to make a ton and do something similar to this.

I have SO many other paper projects I've done that I want to share, but I have to pace myself.... right?

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Anonymous said...

Girlfriend, I am SO with you on being infatuated with paper. Oh yeah. Well can I just say that your rosette wreath is the most adorable thing?! It is. Love it!

Bernie said...

Oh, how fun! I love the fact you used paper with words on it. That wreath looks like its going to take a while. I think it should be fun for you. Good Luck!

Salonie said...

Oooh! I lovee these! Stopping over from FTLOB!
I'm gonna make some SOON!

Michelle said...

I love these! I love scrapbook paper! It would be fun to make it with that! Thanks for sharing :)

Have a great weekend! :)

Stopping by from FTLOB's Weekend Wander :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You have inspired me to create some paper rosettes! I could sit all day & make rosettes :)

Donna and Sara said...

I love your choice of words:)
The paper roses are amazing, yet they seem like a project that is not too difficult to complete. Thanks for the tips!

Jody Morgan said...

I really enjoyed those paper roses - can't wait to see more posts of yours.

Brittany said...

okay so your blog is perfect, you are gorgeous, and that rose newspaper wreath is ingenious! when i get some time on my hands i will definitely give this a try! i'm a new follower now!!
also i love your background & design. gray is my fav

little lady -

KateB said... the wreath. I would love to do one of these but we don't have a covered door area and it would get totally wet!!

Brianna said...

Soo I made that wreath for my step mom for christmas.. It was much more time consuming than I expected, but totally worth it!! I now wish it was for myself so I could enjoy all my hard work ;)

DIY Addict said...

this is soo pretty. thanks for sharing:D

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