Saturday, August 6, 2011

a saturday afternoon picnik #4

There is something I've only just discovered on picnik this week!
It's amazing! you'll just have to play around with it!

It is an advanced effect that allows you to fine tune the color balance.
It is found on the "create" tab under "advanced"

I also like to layer my effects for an even bigger overall result!
so before or after playing around with curves you could make your image black and white, sepia, or  do the cross process effect.  whatever you want!  the options are somewhat limitless...

These are all images created using the curves effect...  just dragging the curve and the points around until I liked it. no real strategy.

curves5 curves-dramaticsepia curves2-polariod curves1


Lauren said...

I love picnik! :) Great job editing!

Kelly Ann Taylor said...

Hi Kelsey! Coming over from FOLB!
Actually, I also love picnik too! It
quite actually saved my life and my pocketbook too.
I have a really hard time with photoshop, but picnik is so easy and fun to use! I use it for everything and just love it! I haven't used curves yet but love all the effects so much!
Your blog is so adorable! Keep up the great work!

Amanda C. said...

I love the photo tricks. You have gorgeous hair btw. Stopping by from FTLOB and new follower too!

Amanda said...

I'd recognize that pond anywhere..! I really need to get into Picnik, none of my other programs will work anymore on my "laptop that works fine".. as in no it doesn't! But that's what Edwin keeps saying..*eyeroll.

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