Friday, June 17, 2011

shoebox shelves

I promise I will be better at blogging.
I've had a less than inspirational week.
I've been sick and unmotivated.
But today I kicked myself into gear and went out into the world and tried to be crafty & I completed 3 projects today!! I'll share the others soon.

I brought some paint back to the island with me and felt inspired to paint today... but didn't have a ton of options for what to paint on, so I dug out some cardboard boxes I'd been saving (b/c Grenada has made an even bigger hoarder out of me) but got sidetracked b/c I remember my sister in law showing me how to make a shelf out of a shoe box about 15 years ago and a light bulb went off.
I took the box lid and held it up to the wall and liked the idea.

Q: "But you live in a concrete house! How will you hang a shelf?!"
A:  HOT GLUE.  A trick I learned living in a concrete dorm freshman year of college. it works

so I covered the lid in some scrapbook paper and hot glued the sucker to the wall!
only problem? you can't really "use" said shelves... the stuff has to be really, really light weight.

the box lid.

hot glued to the wall.

light weight objects added.

the shelves are above my "crafting" area. which is some baskets full of crap. which is why it isn't in the photo.

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