Monday, December 19, 2011

New Years Eve Photo booth

For my sister's vow renewal I am planning a photo booth!
Instead of going with the trendy option of mustaches (I seriously don't get it anyway)  I'm going to make masquerade masks! I'm so excited!
Glitter, sequins, and feathers!  What more could a girl want? :)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Shiny Brite Christmas

My Mom has a few vintage ornaments that my sisters and I love, come to find out so do a lot of other people.
Shiny Brites!

My sister has been collecting them and last year she hit the jackpot at a second hand store.
I cannot wait to hit the thrift stores and start a collection of my own!

Since I'm doing nothing interesting these days here are a few more images from my sister's holiday home

In the new year I will be a better blogger. promise.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Joy to the World

I shared some images from my sister's house about a month ago and I am increasingly more and more impressed with her style and creativity.
She has outdone herself for Christmas this year.  My favorite decorations include her globes.  I have a weak spot for globes and the way she incorporated them into her Christmas decor is so great!!

Joy to the world

Peace on Earth
The box used to be my mom's jewelry box and the pine cones inside are from our parent's home in Ohio!  I love all the little sentimental keys around her house.

Love you sister & can't wait to spend New Years together!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY Gift Ideas for Husband

Men are so hard to make things for.  At least my husband is.  He's difficult to buy things for period.
On Newlyweds Bliss today I'm sharing a few DIY projects that will make awesome gifts for your hubby this Christmas!!

1 week until we move! aahhhhh my life has become an almost overwhelming ball of stress.
And I fear it will only get worse when I get home and MUST find a job asap and start paying so many new bills and be apart from my husband for potentially 4 months :( boo.

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