Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Over / Not Over

Are you sitting down??

I have a confession.

I. Kelsey Coghill. am feeling OVER. pinterest.

ugh. I'm sorry.  I just feel so over-exposed to so many trends/themes/ideas that I begin to hate them.
and I feel as if none of us are ever going to have an original thought ever again. myself included.

don't get me wrong. it is most definitely an open tab right now on my browser.  I go there probably twice daily.

But it got me thinking about what things I am over and what I"m not over yet.
and where will these images come from?? pinterest duh. built in source citing.


1. Keep calm & whatever

I never liked  this actually.  I think it was the crown.  I've never been a princess-y girl.  But this has been done so so many times and so many different ways with so many ridiculous phrases.

2. owls

Source: piccsy.com via Fay on Pinterest

I never liked the owl craze, I do think these owls are cute, but when they are every where... it ruins it for me.

3.  mustaches

I just plain never understood this. and don't like it.

OVER : but wish that I wasn't but someone else ruined it for me.

1. Chevron Stripes

and the faux animal heads (or real) thanks Candice Olson for that one. I normally would really like chevron stripes, but like everyone in the world has them in their home and it cheapens it for me.

2.  Sunburst mirrors

Source: hgtv.com via Allison on Pinterest

Isn't this pretty?  I do think it's pretty, but everyone and their brother has one!  I missed out on this one being out of the country.... maybe I'll find one at the goodwill after everyone has gotten rid of theirs and proudly hang it up :)

3. Silhouettes

and by silhouettes I mean stuff like this. dogs. I like silhouettes of actual children or what not.

Not Over Yet :

1. Birds

Source: etsy.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

I'll probably never be over birds because I liked them way way before it was trendy. honest.  But you probably won't catch me painting them on my wall anytime soon.

2. Maps and globes

Source: tumblr.com via Kelsey on Pinterest

this one is lasting for me. I love maps and globes and travel and the world. period.

3. Gallery Walls

the more the merrier!!

4.  Painted floors

I have always loved and dreamed of having a floor just like this ever since my older sister painted the stairs in our old house. someday...

 5.  Letters and Ampersands

Source: bhg.com via Ali on Pinterest

so maybe I am over all the writing and letters directly on the walls (vinyl letters) but I am in no way over wood or metal letters. especially ampersands. &&&&& love them.

So there you have it.... my personal opinions.
If you have a house full of owls and chevron strips floor to ceiling I will not judge you. promise.  As long as you don't judge me for having every available walls space filled with frames and birds ;)

What do you think?? Anything you can't stand anymore and/or would never put in your house??

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The Autocrat: Haley said...

You crack me up! However, I totally agree with you! Especially about Pinterest ... Thus, why I haven't joined yet.

Gabrielle said...

I also have advoided Pinterest. I get so tired of hearing about things I start to think of them as a plague. I like stripes still. However, we are a family that actually hunts, and I still think hanging animal heads on your wall is stupid. I found via the linkup at Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom, and I'll be sticking around!

SheDan said...

Yes! I am with you girl... on most of these. I am not over pinterest yet. I don't think I really go on it too much.

Hannah J. Holmes said...

1. I like this post. A lot.

2. I never understood the keep calm mantra, the antlers, or the owls.

3. I didn't know mustaches were ever a thing. That seems plain weird.

4. I will never be over maps or birds and trees because those things are genuinely beautiful, not just trendy.

5. Even though you may be over pinterest, you should check this link out, as you will probably find it funny: http://pinterest.com/pin/52521203/

CMae said...

Never joined pintrest, never will. lol I''m over just about everything you listed as welL!

jamie slay said...

Once Target got a hold of the "Keep Calm" signs, I was over it. Mass production-Ughhh! (Not that I don't love me some Target.)
Disappointed that owls went crazy. I had that planned for my daughter's party next year.
I am over the trend toward brass. Maybe because I remember it the first time it was popular. Sheesh.

Beth@The Stories of A2Z said...

I hear ya girl :)! Amen to all of it.

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