Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding on my mind

While watching the Royal Wedding of William and Kate I got somewhat "homesick" for my own wedding.  We've been married nearly 2 years now!
2 incredible, perfect years.
I hear a lot of people say how difficult the first year is, and how difficult it is to move far away with only your husband, and how difficult marriage is in general...
apparently these people didn't marry Lee Coghill.
He makes loving him so easy and perhaps I'm easily adaptable, or we were just made for each other.
whatever the case may be we too had a fairytale wedding and I'll share a few pictures from the day with you. or a lot of pictures.

 still the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. 

 my program fans I worked so hard to make.

we threw sprinkles!! 

my hand painted shoes :)

 8 flower girls and a ring bearer = chaos. lol

 coloring pictures of Lee and I for the kiddos!

 wedding favors that are from a plant that Lee's grandfather gave to his mom, who gave it to me!

 candy table!

some centerpieces

 happy happy happy!

 :) and the best was my my little adopted grandma started a train around the reception! hahaha. crazy lady!!

So that was our day.  August 22, 2009.
it was beautiful, not-so-perfect, and budget friendly.

Did today's Royal Wedding make you long for your own wedding??

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