Friday, April 8, 2011


I have never had bangs that go across my forehead before.
I've had the side swept kind.
but I am really, really wanting bangs.
don't you think they would look good with super, super long hair??
hahahaha...well I do.
but I'll have to wait until December. when we move home. and it isn't deathly hot. and I won't have major zits from sweaty hair all over my forehead. or humidity ridden frizzy bangs.
yes. I'll wait.

Meg over at inspired me.
isn't she beautiful? she's also a hair stylist.
Meg - should I cut bangs?? haha

My husband says absolutely not. boo.


Claire Castagnera said...

I just wanted to drop by and say thanks for putting me in your "inspiration found" sidebar! :) Your blog is beautiful!

I'v never had bangs, for precisely the reasons you mentioned - fear of zits and frizzy, humidity-ridden disasters! But I do think they look adorable and would get them in a minute if I didn't have such unruly hair :P


Rachel said...

I just got bangs!!! I haven't had them since eighth grade, so I was hesitant. They are a lot of upkeep (have to trim every 3 weeks?!) I love them though.

Crystal said...

There's a "try it on studio" on that lets you see how you look with different hair colors & styles!

Kristen said...

awww full bangs are the best! (i have them lol) they are a lot easier to take care of then the side swept (as far as styling goes), they look super hot with long hair, and they make you look younger! they do have a lot of upkeep though. i say do it!! you can always grow them out again :)

Courtney J. said...

I love full bangs. I'm actually having the same debate with myself at the moment. I think they look so sophisticated yet cute at the same time. You would look great with bangs!

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