Sunday, April 10, 2011

new job!!

I'm going to be teaching arts and crafts at the local Montessori school!
Its only twice a week, but it will be lots of fun, and won't interfere with my volunteer obligations.

Can I now call myself a professional crafter?
I think so!

I have so many ideas... here are a few fun ones for kiddos

water bottle penguins!

lava jar :)

I'd love to do a parrot or some other kind of bird with leaves so it could be for any time of the year. I'll have to practice.

does anyone have any great  ideas for me using cheap and/or recyclable materials??
or websites I should know about??


Renee B. said...

Yay! How fun! I was the art teacher for the montessori school I worked at for five years... it was the best, really:) Congrats!!!

Sarah D said...

Congrats Kelsey! You will be fantastic!!! For great kids' craft ideas, I really enjoy these blogs:


TiffanyClark said...

Kelsey, that is so great! I love those crafts!!

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