Sunday, April 3, 2011

Color Duo: blue and red

This has always been one of my favorite color duos.
In junior high I may have had red bunk beds and blue walls with white stars sponged on...
This week I have really been homesick for America.
Although red and blue don't have to shout Americana!! 
but if you're not married to a Canadian like me.... shout away!!! :)

I particularly like vintage-y robin egg blue and red together.

red and blue living room

Source: via Kelsey on Pinterest

I think this is my absolute favorite.  aaaahhhhhh so beautiful.

and red and navy is always a classic choice.  and quite home-y too
Source: None via Natalie on Pinterest

see those pears?! :)


ok that is all. I'll stop wishing for things I can't have now.


mary said...

I ALSO LOVE this color combo! And totally agree you need that dress! (one for me too!!) Happy Sunshiney Day Beauty! xox

Kristen said...

Red and blue has always been one of my favorites... darling photos! And yes, that dress it super cute :)

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