Monday, April 25, 2011

Designer Spotlight A-Z: Philip Gorrivan

I love Philip Gorrivan's style!!
His website is great, but his blog could use a little help in my opinion.  hire me Philip!

 Philip in Real Simple Magazine.

the next few pictures are from his personal home.  It was featured in Elle Decor in 09.
 great symmetrical wall art. 
great asymmetrical frames.
and stripes and prints! yes 

 his daughter's bedroom. 
 his eat in kitchen.

and some more of his work just for fun.

and remember this headboard?? it's Philip Gorrivan too!

Happy Easter Monday if you're living in a country with the Queen still on your money! :)


Adriana Iris said...

new follower and reader

Miss Walker said...

Love his work, especially his daughter's bedroom! Miss Walker xoxo

Natalia Lynn said...

I love your blog, so cute! I love this guy too, the way that he uses colors and patterns. I love bright colors when they are used right. I am here from the love of blogs! Can't wait to read along!

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