Tuesday, April 5, 2011

decorating with beach finds #3

At home (in America) I have a ton of plants.  I like to have my house full of plants and life and be able nurture something to see it grow... (since I don't have kids or pets I have plants?)

I've found a few plants here in Grenada that I can take clippings from and sprout roots. 
Last year I went cactus hunting and dug up a few little cacti (which are still alive!) you and read about that adventure on my other blog.
and I recently found some coleus' and some other purple plant... maybe you can help me identify it.

anyway. I decided that the array of conch shells I have collected would make great planters!
I think they look great on my porch :)





1 comment:

Cat said...

Love this idea! That one in the second to last photo sure is interesting! Hope someone can identify it and hope its not a purple people eater. :)

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