Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Twins

I'll admit in the last 24 hours I have gone royal crazy.
I could have cared less last week about any wedding, and now I can't stop googling things about this crazy family and Kate Middleton.
Did you know...
That Prince Williams' last name is
Mountbatten-Windsor. yea. I never knew he even had one haha!
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip are cousins. ok like 2nd and 3rd cousins from two different sides of the family.  That's a little too much cross over if you ask me.  Good for William for getting an outsider, freshen up that gene pool!
Price Philip is OLD. he's 90! He's the longest living spouse of a Royal ever. cool huh?
He's Prince Philip and not King Philip because Queen Elizabeth was heir to the throne and husbands do not take on their wives roles as do wives when they marry an heir to the throne (so Kate will be Queen, but if something happens to William she wouldn't take over... the next heir in line would, like their son or daughter)
and there is a lot of pressure on royals to produce an heir.... so William and Kate will probably be having babies soon!  I read that they waited to get married until their late twenties because that is when they felt ready to have children.  Otherwise they would have got married years ago.  Makes some sense.... except that he will someday be the head of the church in England and I don't think that is wise advice to follow bibically..... anyway.

I also have said this before, but I'll say it again:
My husband looks like Prince William!
Not exactly, and much cuter and with more hair :)

What do you think?? Am I & the 4 people who told me so yesterday crazy??



Jesslyn Amber said...

Hahaha! I totally see it, Kelsey! They DO look alike! I have to admit, I am fascinated by all this royal wedding stuff!

Anonymous said...

I can totally see a resemblance!
I used to be in love with Prince William...
I'm really happy for him! I had no idea of any of that stuff you were talking about up there. There are so many details to being royal!

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