Sunday, April 17, 2011

Union bound!

I leave in the morning!! yay!!
wish me luck!
and by that I mean please pray that I
A. endure the tiny little charter plane
B. don't look horrible.
C. have either TV or internet access :)

want to see where I'm going? ok.

I doubt I'll have internet, and the husband has advised against taking my computer. and I didn't plan ahead well enough to have entries see you Wednesday!


Bianca said...

Good luck!! Have a great time! I am sure you will look beautiful, you always do! said...

Hey Doll! You have been FEATURED at my blog Elements Interiors! I have a "SaaWeet" Ive been Featured Button for you to Grab :) Come check out your Feature!


I know you are gone but when you get back it will still be there :) I pray you have an AMAZING BLESSED trip! Easy plane trip, and internet! LOL! And Darlin...YOU couldnt POSSIBLY look anything other than BEAUTIFUL!

Big hugs ;)

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