Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I Wear Wednesday

As lame as this sounds, it is actually really hard to put together a nice outfit everyday when you don't have a job, or school, or somewhere nice to go to.
I spend the majority of my days with kids at the orphanage, our after school program, or babysitting.
and the other part of my day is spent sweating as I walk to the store, beach, or to the university to take my poor over-worked medical school attending husband dinner.
and I'm currently functioning on about an 1/8th of my wardrobe.
(I know I know, cue the sad music for the girl living the dream life on a tropical island)
anyway, this is a bit of a challenge.  thankfully this week I had a few interesting places to go that I could "dress up" for a little more

 Friday night we went to Fish Friday.  A street festival on the northern end of the island. and we caught this sunset on the way up.
My necklace was a Christmas gift from my husband, it's in the shape of Grenada :)

 Sunday morning church!  the yellow shoes make an appearance once again. remember this necklace?  and my hair is getting out-of-control-long!

 Monday night some friends and I went out to watch the crab races! haha seriously. they race hermit crabs here! so much fun until that cute little crab pinched me!

random other days spent playing with the kids and doing some shopping.

and St. Patrick's Day craziness.

How do you take pictures for WIWW?
have a friend take them? self timer? in the mirror??
I need some help.

I'm linking up with No Model Lady, The Pleated Poppy, and Jewelscapes!


Frenchy said...

I need help taking pictures too. I have a self timer or my 10 ear old takes them. I love your picture thought. They look like good quality and you look gorgeous !
How fun ! I would love to live in Grenada :)
Come follow me back !

Kate said...

I love your cute and cool laid back style! How fun that you get to live the island life!



Great photos!! you are so cuteee!! :)

Ciao ciao from Rome.

Eva said...

Great details in your outfits, you put them together really well!

mary said...

You are doing a great job getting dressed in the paradise! I would wear a bathing suit and flip flops daily! Your hair is gorgeous again! xox!

Nicole said...

Get a tripod and set up your camera and use the timer. Tripods are fairly inexpensive and you will really use it more than you think! Your outfits are great and your hair is beautiful!

No Model Lady said...

I use my trash can as a tripod in the backyard:) Thanks for linking up, pretty lady!

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