Sunday, March 6, 2011

Color Duo : Blue and Green

I'm going to have an ongoing series highlighting color combos.
I personally think any color can go with any other color.
it just takes a little tweaking and the right scale and prints!

My first two colors are blue and green.
but not just blue and green.
aqua and lime
navy and olive
turquoise and green apple
peacock and jade
you get the idea.

I was inspired by these two colors from - what else, a globe!
I probably should have said nature, huh?  the gorgeous blue Caribbean water and the lush green palms.
that too.

and where better to start than at Coastal Living?
that is what I'm doing after all!

I'm a sucker for a great wallpaper.

add some green to your home!
start with a beautiful bowl of green apples! (or starfruit, grapefruits, or green bananas for that matter!)
or a plant! EVERY room should have a plant!  even if it's a cactus you never, ever, have to tend to.

which is your favorite?

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