Monday, March 28, 2011

Designer Spotlight A-Z: Dorothy Draper

Do you know Dorothy Draper??
She was one of the first pioneers in interior decorating
and her husband was FDR's personal doctor (oooohh aaahhh) and then he dumped her, but she showed him!
In 1939 she wrote a book called "Decorating is Fun! How to Be Your Own Decorator" and became one of the most famous designers in American history!

she decorated numerous fabulous places & they said that after she was done they had been "Draperized" haha!
she loved intense colors, shiny checkered floors, bold prints, and florals!
whats not to love about that??

In 1946 she decorated the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia and in 2007 it was given a bit of a facelift from her protege Carleton Varney. 
It's pretty fabulous if you ask me

 the original lobby.

 an original siting room
 the outside of the restaurant named in her honor at the Greenbrier
designed by Carleton Varney

the re-vamped lobby by Carleton Varney

I actually have on of Varney's old books at home! I got it at the goodwill! score!
but remind me to get this book when I get home!!
and to spotlight Carleton Varney when I get to the Vs :)

1 comment:

mary said...

Wow! The carleton varney with the robin's egg blue and red peeking out behind it with the checkerboard floor is so inspiring! xox!

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