Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What I Wear Wednesday

I am not a great example of fashion knowledge
nor do I actually wear things that are all that fashionable while living here in Grenada.
all my clothes are at least a year old
and most are several years old.
and I'm not talking awesome rare vintage finds.
I mean... I moved to this island with 2 suitcases in tow, mostly full of bathing suits, tank tops, cut offs, and cotton dresses and there is no where to shop here.

and here I am, trying my hardest to look put together, while avoiding sweating to death.
heels are totally out of the question
come visit me and you'll see why.
and I had a horrible nightmare the other day about my feet growing while living here (and from wearing nothing but flip flops for 2 years) and when I get home none of my shoes fit!  aahhhhhhh

jewelry is also a little hard to swing during the day.
I never knew my neck and wrists could sweat so much!
earrings are a go... except for the days when I'm with kids, which is about 6 days of the week.

I usually try to look nice Sunday mornings for church.
and I know I'll only be wearing the particular outfit for about 3 hours
and I'll be sitting in a very air-conditioned room for the majority of the time.

So I decided, mostly for my own benefit, to have a weekly update of things I wear.
to inspire myself to try harder when I get dressed in the morning.
to spark a little bit more creativity into my life.
and it's a great way to keep track so I don't end up re-wearing things (which I hate!)
I hope to continue this when we get back to the States because Lee and I have decided to not buy any new clothes, all 2nd hand (or the Grandview Outlet, which is as cheap as 2nd hand)
and it will be fun to keep track of, yeah?

 Sunday 3/6/11
Dress: Forever21 $3
Shirt: Forever21 $2.50
Shoes: Old Navy $3
Short necklace :Dollar Tree $1
Long necklace: thrifted $1

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I found you on one of the 20sb groups! I'm now following! By the way, you look beautiful! Your hair looks amazing.

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