Monday, March 21, 2011

Designers Spotlight A-Z: Anne Coyle

C! week 3 already!

I randomly stumbled on Anne Coyle when I was researching another great designer (Melanie Coddington) but Anne caught my eye and is a little more my style.

What drew me to her was her use of art found in nature. I just made that up btw.
art found in nature.  that is my new line! yea, perhaps a new weekly post. 
There is so much art to be found in nature. 
sea fans are a personal favorite of mine.
coral, shells, branches, drift wood, flowers, sand dollars, star fish.... etc.
and Anne likes them too! \
all photos from her website & I may have "pinned them too" :)

this room is so luxe.



Great photos!!

ciao ciao from Rome

Ross said...

I was going to say that she has a way with the natural! said...

Beautiful! Love this post...thank you for linking up to Whassup Wednesday! Hope to see you tomorrow:)


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