Wednesday, March 23, 2011

new blog header

spruced things up a bit over at the Coghills in Grenada page.
I hate to have my blog look the same for very long.
as soon as I get a great idea I'll probably be changing this one.  I don't love it anyway.

and here are some that I've done for my friends
Michelle over at -

Kristen at - (Kristen and Michelle are identical twins and by bestest friends since 1st grade!)

 Lea and her adorable little family over at -
and she's actually on a new header that I made for her, but this one is my favorite :)

these were all done using Picasa (& now Picasa is linked with Picnik! I am an avid picnik-er!)

want to see more of my amateur blog headers?? click here
someday I'll learn how to do the fancy stuff. maybe


Brianne said...

Aw, you're so amazingly creative with the blog banners! I love the "Not so terrible 2's" header.


Lea Liz said...

Your blog headers are awesome, you do such a great job! Thanks so much for always willing to help me out:) You are too sweet!!

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