Monday, March 14, 2011

Designer Spotlight A-Z : Betsy Burnham

double Bs, whatcha think about that!

I recently learned about Betsy Burnham and her Instant/Space services.
It's basically online design services. 
You take pictures of your home, measure, and let them know your style.
She then creates a design board and floor plan
and you can decide which pieces you love and buy and decorate yourself at your own pace.
and she gets paid!

Creating Design boards for a living would be my dream!!!
Betsy hire me!!!!
or if someone out there would like to give me a stab at your room (for free)  I would be thrilled!
haha, friends let me know if I can give you some ideas!

example of Betsy's online design services

and some of my favorite rooms from her portfolio.... the lady likes red!!


lindsay said...

all of these are simply fabulous...good eye for design pretty lady ♥ i saw your beautiful outfit you posted on FTLOB thank you for taking part in our series :) i must say those yellow shoes are adorbs! favorite color this spring :)

hope you're having a beautiful day!


ps i heart your blog design!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

that sounds like an awesome job, that is something I need. Someone I can have to decorate my house for me. I know what I want I just dont know how to put it together. I would love for you too look over my place but right now we are lacking in the furniture department. ha.

I am your newest follower

Write it in Lipstick

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