Saturday, March 26, 2011

earrings out of coins

last Sunday I had "Crafts with Kelsey" as apart of our Significant Others Organization here at SGU. 
I taught everyone how to make these little earrings out of the Eastern Caribbean Currency.
the 1, 2, and 5 cent coins here are made out of aluminum or some other non-strong metal. 
It feels and sounds like play money. and it's worth absolutely nothing.  5cents EC is like a penny in the US. can you believe they waste time and money making a 1 and 2 cent coin??

One day I was looking at them, they come in different shapes and sizes.  frilly, round, square.
and I decided I could make earrings out of them. 
only problem was I didn't own a drill or have any nails to hammer a hole through.
so as impulsive as I am I found the next best thing, a box of thumbtacks and went to work with my little hammer.
I broke about 10 of them, but after a while I was successful and had holes through the coins!

I've upgraded my methods recently to either using a really thin nail and hammer or my friends drill.


my favorites! the frilly 5cents!
"She's got a whole shoebox full of them. dangly ones"

I was just having fun with these ones. this shows both sides. Thought I'd show the Queen in honor of all the royal hype going on lately (btw love Kate Middleton!)
I looped them together using fishing line, my to go crafting essential.

next up I am making an awesome EC necklace.
anyone know if defacing money is a crime in the caribbean?? :/
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