Saturday, October 1, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Picnik

I have been so busy that I haven't had time to blog.  Good busy.  Fun busy.
I currently have 73 days left in Grenada and it has been my goal since day 77 to go to the beach every single day.  To soak in the scenery and revel in the joy of living here as much as I possibly can.
No more complaining about the grocery store, the heat, our apartment, the lack of clothing, the lack of.... everything.
There is no lack of beauty.

I took these pictures on Tuesday at sunset and did the 1960s effect on picnik.



What about you? Have you had a busy week?  A good busy or a blah busy?
Take a couple minutes to appreciate the beauty around you.  If you're in the north/midwest enjoy those gorgeous changing fall leaves.  I'm slightly jealous.


No Place Like Home Collectibles said...

Hi, I love you images! I wanted to share this sign that I read on Etsy:

Keep the sand outside. Relax. Swim. Play. Eat plenty. Nap often. Soak up the sun. Be grateful for this day.

Enjoy your day!


Shannon said...

That last picture is beautiful!

Shannon @ Imperfectly-Inspired

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