Saturday, October 22, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Picnik

Have you checked out Picnik's Halloween features??
They are so cool!!

These are two that I made last year (Picnik still has the same effects this year, with a few additions)

I was going for that romantic, glamorous vampire look... because I admittedly am a completely sap for the Twilight saga...

 My husband hates this picture because he looks girly... but vampires are a tad feminine wouldn't you say?? That's obviously blood on his lips and not lipstick after all...
This photo of me below actually almost scares me.  I'm a pretty convincing vampire, huh? 

This one is new.  I used the "ghostify" effect.  Pretty creepy.

If you're the type who likes frames and stickers on your pictures they have an awesome selection of those as well!!

Go make yourself an extra creepy (or silly) Facebook profile picture for Halloween!


Crystal said...

That's way too much fun! I ended up splurging on a one month membership just to play with all the Halloween stuff! I think this is my favorite:

Amanda C. said...

I love your picnik tips. That second one is kinda scary. Thanks for sharing.

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