Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hardware store adventure

I did a post on my Grenada blog all about the stores here in Grenada where you can find crafting supplies.  
There is a fabric store, there is a tiny store where you can buy beads and jewelry makings, and then there is the hardware store.

The hardware store is home to a lot of gem's one might not normally find.... because you aren't looking with the right mindset.  Grenada has changed the way I look at everything!

I have been joking with my friends that Grenadians think that I am insane.  They see me coming and think what is this crazy white girl doing today.

Case in point:
I was wasting some time waiting on a bus at the hardware store last week.  I was roaming up and down every single aisle looking for inspiration in anything and everything.  In the back corner I stopped to examine the area where they cut keys.  Keys are a favorite thing of mine (what isn't right?) and so I was looking at them and an employee approached me and asked if I needed assistance... here is the convo:
How much is a key?  
Which key? - any key
You just want a key? - yes
A automobile key is $20EC -  yikes! do you have any mistake keys?  Keys you have cut and the person didn't buy?
You want a key that doesn't work? - sure
*pulls out a box of damaged keys* - yes! how much are those keys?
I have no idea... let me ask someone
*3rd person enters*
She wants a damaged key? - yes
Why? - I like to make things.  I think I could hang it on a necklace or put it on a picture
I guess you can have one. - for free?!

And that is how the exchange went.  Two Grenadian men think I am crazy, but I got 2 free damaged automobile keys out of it! :)


They're about 3 inches long.  I haven't decided what to do with them yet, I think I'm going to paint them and hang them on a chain.  I'll be sure to let you know.

Have you gotten anything damaged from a store for free before?? Have you ever thought about asking for damaged keys?  It's worth a try!  This is something I will for sure be trying again!


Shannon said...

My boyfriend and I are going to be moving again in May and since we have no idea where, I'm terrified that I'll have nothing to do. You make me feel so much better about moving anywhere! Thanks!

Marisa said...

When you come home, Home Depot is an excellent source of free treasures. I love scrap wood. And because Andy is handy (ha, rhyme) with a jigsaw, he can cut out just about anything for me - gravestones to paint and put in the yard for Halloween, etc. Andy got a thin piece of PVC pipe that was cut too short and ready to be thrown out, spray painted it gold, and made a flag pole. Oopsie paint isn't free, but it's way cheaper than a custom mixed gallon - as long as you like the color and only need one gallon.

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