Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Afternoon Picnik

My sister and her husband are doing a vow renewal this New Years!!
I think I am more excited about it than my sister is :)
I have so many ideas and projects I'm working on for her big day!

I recently took on the task of making her save the dates.  I know, it's on New Years and she hasn't sent out save the dates yet.... but they really are more fun than they are informational.  Everyone who's anyone already knows.

So where does a girl like me go to create save the dates??
Picnik of course!
I tried other avenues and really just decided that picnik was easiest!

Here are a few that I made. 
We finally got to the last one because my sister kept saying fancier! fancier!




Happy 10 years of marriage to my sister Molly and her husband Rocky!
I cannot wait to help you celebrate and ring in the new year with all our family and friends!


Mz E said...

hello! found you on FTLOB. I think thats sweet of you to do this for your may seem like a small thing but its always the little things! Hope to read more! *smile*


SheDan said...

Aww! How awesome! My husband and I just got married this year and we totally want to have another party in 10 years. I like the last save the date the best. Nice job!

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