Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Year's Dress

Too early to be thinking about New Year's Eve?
I think not.
Especially since I have a big shin-dig to attend this year!
Like I mentioned on Saturday my sister is having a 10 year anniversary / vow renewal on New Year's Eve!
I'm so exited for a big party!!
I will share my decorating ideas sometime, but today I am thinking dresses!

My sister is wearing blue, so I'm probably going with silver.
Will I actually be able to buy a new dress? Probably not, unless my Mom is feeling sorry enough for me to take me shopping... or something awesome shows up at the Grandview Outlet or Goodwill ;)

I do have a silver dress I wore a few years ago on a dinner cruise on Lake Erie with our college that I could wear. if I must.  I got this dress at JC Penny's for $10!  4 years ago though, is it still cute? or does it look too much like lingerie?  That was my fear even when I wore it then.

some of my best friends from college! miss you girls!
and of course my shoes matched Lee's tie.

Another idea is to "dress up" something I already own. I have lots of dresses... so maybe one could do with a little sequins?  I'm thinking I could make a sequins belt or sash pretty easily.
Kate Moss for Topshop - but no longer in stock

{via }

You know who loves to wear an awesome silver, sparkly dress?
Taylor Swift!

Source: via Maggie on Pinterest

I'll take any of the above please!


Mz E said...

LOL! cute post! I think the dress you was rockin is CU-UTE! I would DEF wear that with some strappy heels. I suggest if buying something won't break ya (or momz, gotta love our moms for seeing bout their babiez! LOL!) then I say go for it! If so or you just wanna save money then go with what you have...btw, those dresses (taylor swift) and the cute bow wrap was BEAUTIFUL, DEF would wanna rock the long sparkly one. *smile*

Kay said...

I think it's darling! And with the right accessories and shoes, I don't think it looks like lingerie at all.

C said...

That dress is amazing, but you have great ideas, so I'm sure whatever you put together will be magical.

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