Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sparkly shoe makeover

I have this pair of sandals from Forever21 that I've had for almost 2 years and if you've ever had Forever21 shoes you know they don't really last.  These were on their last leg.  If I wasn't in Grenada they'd probably be in the trash, but keeping with the make-do attitude I decided to turn them into part of my Halloween costume!

before. You can't tell but the white was pretty dingy and cracking.

Add a little sequins and glitter...


Do you have a guess as to what I'm going to be??
guessing is not open to my friends here in Grenada who already know!
or my Mom, she knows too. haha.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how cute. I like the sparkliness. And I'm not going to lie ... I'm curious what you're going to be :b

Megan said...

Those look fantastic! A little bling sure makes a big difference!!

Shirley said...

I found you from Southern Institute! I love what you did with the shoes. So cute!

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