Thursday, October 6, 2011

DIY Halloween Party

Last year I threw a little Halloween party at our house, mostly just because my friend Amber and I wanted an excuse to dress up.
I thought I'd share a few ideas from the party.

I was a watermelon smoothie from my favorite local shop here in Grenada called Native Foods and Fruits.

 My husband was reluctant to dress up and so he was "thinking Arby's"

I saved all my pop bottles for weeks to use as decorations.
a little bit of nail polish and electrical tape and wha-la - Halloween decor!
My banner is made from cereal boxes and drawn on with a sharpie.

Mummy utensil holder is a tin can wrapped in toilet paper.

Keeping with the ever so classy theme, we served pumpkin poop to our guests.
Scary pizza

Bones and blood
and that carved piece of pumpkin back there is the best you're going to find in Grenada.  They don't sell whole pumpkins, just portions for cooking, so we carved our little chunk I used to make pumpkin bread. 

And finally witch's brew to drink.
Want to have a frozen hand in your punch? 
Fill a surgical glove with water, freeze it, and then cut off the glove and you have a frozen hand!

I'm wanting to have another Halloween Party this year but I now have way too many friends in Grenada to host at our teeny tiny apartment so I'm looking for other options! Stayed tuned for more Halloween decor to come!

Find Halloween costume ideas for couples over at Newlyweds Bliss today!


skye @ neathering our fest said...

i love the "thinkin arbys" costume - that is too funny! i am always amazed at your ability to be so creative with what you have! :) great ideas!

Erin said...

How fun! Love all your ideas!

Amanda C. said...

Ha ha, pumpkin poop! I have also seen tiny marshmallows called ghost poop. I love Halloween parties.

Kristen @ GDSConfessions said...

these ideas are so fun, creative, and cheap.. i'm like blown away! i'm definitely stealing that icy hand trick, nice job kelsey!

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