Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shell Earrings

There's not great tutorial on these earrings...
they're made of out 2 pieces of shell I've found on the beach with natural holes!  no work involved!
I simply tied a small piece of rope/twine through and strung them onto a earring hook.
I love them & the sounds they make when they clang together, kinda like my own personal wind chimes.  And I love the fact that they aren't perfectly symmetrical to one another and that there are slight variations in the color.

The earrings in action & an absolutely incredible sunset we were fortunate to witness!
I'm sure I'll have many, many more shell earrings to come.  My shell collection continues to  grow daily!!

AND exciting news!! remember when I got to do that modeling job up in St. Vincent and the Tobago Cays ?? Well my husband and I are currently spending 3 days on Grenada's sister island of Carriacou & a day trip to the Tobago Cays!!  I'm so excited! and I will have so many pictures to share when we return!
Perfect of picniking!! don't forget about the first link up going to start on Saturday!!


Urska M. said...

waaaa <3 super lovely idea! They look great on you girl <3 and what a sunset! I bet it was a scene not worth to miss! Xo

- Urska @

Lauren said...

Those are too cute! :) Love them! So creative!

Ashley said...

what!? you are kidding me!!! This is the most creative idea ever I LOVE them!!!

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