Saturday, July 9, 2011

I daydream about clothes.

is that pathetic?
I don't care. 
I love beautiful clothes (and lots and lots of other stuff, like Jesus, family, friends, & the earth)

this is what my summer wardrobe looks like in a perfect world.

but for now I'm off to the beach in a dress I've had for years ;)


Lauren Crews said...

I don't think you're pathetic at the least! I have a "scrapbook" full of outfits and pieces of clothes that I'm in love with! I'm constantly cutting them out of magazines, putting them in my book and I use it quite often to decide what to wear! Have fun at the beach!

Libby's Life said...

I love that red & white striped skirt! Gorgeous! I am stopping by from FTLOB. :-) Oh and that dress is adorable too!

Hannah J. Holmes said...

Girl, I daydream about clothes, too. All the day long, sometimes. No shame about that.

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