Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ending of an era

Last night my husband and I finally watched the newest Harry Potter movie.  Unfortunately there is only 1 theater in Grenada and it is just now showing True Grit, no joke.
So we got the best pirated copy the internet could offer.

We watched all 8 movies this week and it was so much fun!
I had read all the books over the years so it is so interesting to me to see how it is portrayed on the big screen.
I have loved this series and characters for such a big part of my short life and now its over!
and to think I only started reading the book to impress a boy in the 10th grade. ha!

they picked the absolute best actors for the roles.
Source: None via Kendal on Pinterest

Source: tumblr.com via Hayley on Pinterest

Can we please talk about Neville?! what!

Source: google.com via Cheri on Pinterest

and Luna. my all time favorite character.
Source: etsy.com via Madi on Pinterest

Thanks JK


TiffanyClark said...

Derek and I are going with some friends to see the last HP in theaters today. We watched all 7 in about 4 days!

dancing in sunshine. said...

like your new blog layout :)

Chels said...

I'm in the midst of watching them for the first time! finished the fourth one last night :)

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