Tuesday, July 19, 2011

homemade donuts!

I got a huge craving for donuts the other day so decided to just make some!
I found a great recipe at http://allrecipes.com/

Have you ever used all recipes? I love it because you can adjust the serving size & it changes the recipe for you! so easy and perfect when you're cooking for 2!
This recipe for donuts makes 18, so I cut it in half and only made 9 (which made 10) and they turned out so amazingly delicious, but takes quite a bit of time for the dough to rise not only once, but twice!

this is after the dough rose in the bowl, and then I cut them out to let them rise some more!


my makeshift deep fryer :) I also baked a couple of the donuts to see the difference but they didn't turn out nearly as good.... duh! grease & fat tastes better!

I glazed some using the glaze recipe on allrecipes.com and rolled others in sugar

If you have a couple hours to devote to donuts on a Saturday afternoon I highly recommend this recipe!

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