Friday, May 6, 2011

Derby Hats

Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby and I love everything that goes along with it!
even the mint juleps and I don't drink and have never had one in my life... haha.
I love that the Kentucky Derby is such an iconic American event and I look forward to it every spring.
what is my favorite part you ask??  those hats!

These are a few I wouldn't mind showing up at Churchill Downs in. [I went to Churchill Downs on my 9th birthday once, not for the derby... but my goal is go to next year for my 25th!!]

so do you watch the Derby? just for the hats, or to see the horses too?? In my family we always pick a horse... this year I picked Pants On Fire, mainly because the jockey is a girl!! and she is adorable and feisty.
who do you want??
and no I don't gamble, its all fun and games :)

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