Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Color Duo: Red and White

My computer has a virus.  A bad one that won't go away. :(
I blogged about it on my other blog.

But have no fear, my husband still attends a university where I can sit in the library all day and use a computer :)
Everyone around me is printing off slides about horrible diseases, and stuff about human anatomy and I am googling red and white rooms.
Hey they chose to attend medical school.... I did not.

I chose red and white because my husband wore a red and white tee shirt this morning that says Canada across the front in support of last night's elections where the Conservatives won the majority vote... and conservatives are blue.  red, white, blue. perfect!
I'm a supporter of conservatives in office, no matter what country, so this isn't a declaration of love for Canada. haha. don't get your hopes up my Lee!

My high school colors were red and white.  Good ole Rock Hill High School.
Red and white, let's fight.
yea so I've always been partial to the color combo.

from the pages of Canadian House & Home. how fitting :)

Wish me luck with my computer!! In the meantime I have gotten SO much done around my house.. I've done all the dishes, cleaned, drew a picture, made a necklace, cooked, and today is a new day!  so many more things I can do with my time... starting with the after school program this afternoon and craft class tomorrow!
maybe I'll start having one day a week be computer free. it is kinda nice.


Anonymous said...

I love little bits and pieces of every room you showed.
Red is what i call my "life color".
I am always drawn to it.
I have one main wall in my house painted red. Its the wall the connects the living room area with the dining area. Its a huge wall and it shines in all its red glory =] The rest of the surrounding walls are tan~ish. And all of my kitchen cabinets are painted red, top and bottom! love that! AND, all of my small appliances are red in my kitchen. I guess I went a little red crazy a few years ago but I still love it!

Too bad about that computer virus. We got one a few years ago on our PC so we just ended up upgrading to a Mac...best decision ever ;]
Hope you get that all worked out soon!
ps...I love LOVE that you drew a picture cause you had some free time! So sweet ♡

Amber said...

I love the red and white look! It's so cute! My cousin had her daughter's nursery with red and white bedding and designs and I loved it so much.

GET LEE TO FIX THAT COMPUTER! :) Jk Tell him I say pretty please?

Cat@BudgetBlonde.com said...

mk I know I'm supposed to be looking at red & white, but seriously I'm in love with that black and white rug in picture numero dos.

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